Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Two Great Quilt Shows

I saw two great quilt shows in the San Francisco area recently
featuring my favorite kind of quirky quilts!

The first was an exhibit curated by Roderick Kiracofe 

This was the entry, all sweet old quilt tops hung on clothespins.

Here are some of my favorites quilts, many are from Roderick's collection.
You'll recognize some of them from his wonderful book, 
It was thrilling to see them up close!

Dots and stripes!

All made of hat bands.

This one was particularly intriguing.  

All the pieces were sewn on only three sides!
Hmm, little pockets?

He also incorporated some newer quilts.

By Sarah Nishiura

By Joe Cunningham.

I got to visit with Roderick and have him sign my book!
If you'd like a signed copy, you can purchase it here.

The next exhibit featured quilts from Eli Leon's collection

Here are a few highlights. 

By Rosie Lee Tompkins

By Rosie Lee Tompkins

By Angie Tobias

By Mattie Pickett
Love that pink binding!

By Sherry Byrd

By Mattie Pickett
My favorite of all!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

On the Design Wall

A few weeks ago, I took a class with the wonderful Sujata Shah called "Organized Chaos."

I used the fabric on the left for the color scheme.

Sujata said, "These blocks are like potato chips."
She was right!  I just kept making more and more.  

And more!  I was having so much fun, I decided to make it a queen size quilt.

I've always been fascinated by kaleidoscope quilts, and 
Sujata's pattern has a special twist.
I just love the way some of the blocks seem to burst out of their seams!

This is about half the quilt, not yet sewn together.
My design wall isn't big enough for the whole thing, so I'll make one section at a time.

A final check on value before I begin sewing the rows together.  
OK, ready to sew!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Many Hands Make Light Work

Sadly, one of my work friends was recently diagnosed with cancer.  
I proposed to some mutual work friends that we make her a group quilt. 
Never mind that most of them had never made a quilt before!
My house became a quilt workshop.

Here is Kris at my sewing machine.  Jo Ann and Jan learned how to use the rotary cutter 
and cut out all the blocks.

Karen, Leslie and Joan sewed blocks together in the dining room.

Everyone got a turn at the design wall.

All were very proud of their efforts.

The whole quilt top was made in just a couple of hours!

It's perfect for a group effort, because accuracy isn't an issue.
Every block is unique, and each maker can identify the ones she made.  

I quilted it with slightly wavy lines this weekend.
It's ready to comfort our dear friend!

The fabrics for the top came from Drygoods Design, a delightful shop in downtown Seattle.  
They have an online store here:  drygoodsdesignonline.com

The main backing fabric also came from Drygoods Design, but a year or two ago.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Quilts for Twins!

My friend has two new baby granddaughters.  
Of course I planned to make quilts.  But it took some thought.

For twins, do you make them different?  What if one likes the other's better?
Do you make them the same?  What if they argue over who's is who's?

Here's how I solved the issue.

The letters are from Tonya Ricucci's book, Word Play Quilts.  
Both are very fun techniques, and no two blocks are alike.

I started with flannel sock monkey print scraps from making 
their older brother's quilt three years ago.  

When I ran out of flannel, I went to my corduroy stash.
The quilts have corduroy backs, one floral and one plaid.
Very soft!

I got to give them to the twins and their moms last weekend.

Older brother got his out and modeled it for us too!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Small World

I haven't accomplished much sewing this summer, 
but I have had some quilter friends visit me and my fair city.

In June, Kathy Doughty, Liesel and Carolyn of Material Obsession in Australia arrived. 
We toured Seattle, including the Dale Chihuly Gardens, (pictured here)
before they headed north to teach.
Toodle-oo, mates!

In July, Ana Maria Perna arrived from Spain with her husband, Ruben.  
She was celebrating her 60th birthday with a tour of the Western states
and Quilters Affair in Sisters, Oregon.
Adios, amigos!

In August, Carol Veillon of Quiltmania and her husband, Jean, came from France.
They toured the Northwest on a motorcycle and stopped by my house.
Au revoir mes amis!

All were very fun visits!  I hope to see all of them again.  

As quilt-makers, we're so fortunate to have a passion that allows us to cross borders and oceans and still have so much in common with each other!

I am getting back to sewing again, and will have something to show soon.
See ya later, alligator!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Parisian Inspirations

Paris is known for many things, including its sidewalk bistro chairs.
I found them beautiful and inspiring, each with different weaves and color combinations.
Click on the photos if you want to see close-ups.

Patchwork chairs in a hotel lobby.

Some old drapery fabric I bought at a flea market.

The stall and purveyors where I bought the fabric.           
A face made of bedspreads and clothes at the Emmaus thrift store.


The best inspiration of all!